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Cave diving death close to home


01 March 2011 , 7:36 PM by nicole gundi= =

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"The sport of cave diving can see you become a dead = diver."

Those are the words of cave-diver Agnes Milowka speaking in a v= ideo that's on her website.

Sadly, that's what happened to her.

Agnes went on to say, "to me those risks are worth it because th= e rewards are worth it". 

The highly experienced diver from Melbourne drowned after = ;losing her diving buddy while diving at Tank Cave in the so= uth-east of South Australia on Sunday.  

Agnes' body still hasn't been retrieved as it'= ;s in a very small passage of the cave but police are relying on e= xpert divers to help bring her out after they spent the day shifting roc= ks to clear a path.

It's an obsession that she loved and her resume included being a = stunt diver on the film Sanctum which was filmed on the Gold Coast.

Cave diver, writer and producer of Sanctum Andrew Wight was her good = friend and spoke to Bernadette Young about how the cav= e diving community is feeling.   


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