Always happy and smiling, she had an amazing set of experiences and adventures packed into her 29 years.

She will be missed by everyone who knew her.

Words don't do justice to Agnes's many accomplishments and how much she will be missed.

Our thoughts are with her family and many friends

Agnes walking to her dive site

Agnes caught taking pictures. She was an avid photographer.

This picture above and below was taken at Eagles Nest in 2008. Ken Smith was one of her mentors and dive buddies.

This picture was one of our favorites

This picture was taken of Agnes last year, the day she connected baptism and peacock caves.

Agnes and her new hair do, Christmas 2008

Agnes Milowka passed away this weekend while cave diving in Australia.

I met Agnes shortly after I came to Florida. A fanatical cave diver, she was always planning her next underwater adventure. She dived many of the cave systems in Florida, and discovered and surveyed many miles of underwater passage.

She was an extraordinary photographer and writer and traveled extensively around the world to dive caves. She fearlessly went where no one had gone before to explore and push new cave systems, and bought back stunning images of what she saw. Just last year she was part of a National Geographic Team on a project to the Blue Holes of the Bahamas and more recently she worked as a stunt diver in James Cameron’s 3D diving film Sanctum.

Agnes has an amazing website that documents her adventures:

Rest in Peace Agnes. You are missed so much.