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It didn't take long for Ag to become hooked on blowing bubbles - after her first underwater breath she thought 'this is what I want to do with my life!!' Indeed since then diving has been at the very center of her existence. Initially fascinated with reefs and fish, it wasn't long until the focus shifted to wrecks.

Captivated not just by their sheer beauty but also by their stories and history, she went from being a keen and avid wreck diver to a wannabe maritime archaeologist and did a Graduate Diploma in Maritime Archaeology at Flinders University. Her desire to pursue untouched and pristine wrecks meant going ever deeper and having to play with more gear and gases to do so. Recently, when tackling deep dives, the O2ptima has become her weapon of choice.

These days it is the caves, both wet and dry, that have her enthralled and she is most passionate about the exploration of never before seen passage. Ag spent a year living and diving in Florida's cave country, where she got her first taste of laying line. It is a phenomenal feeling to reach a place that no other human has ever seen before and she was hooked. Since then Ag keeps coming back to Florida and has kept loosing line in the caves. She has laid several kilometers of line across a number of cave systems the most significant of these has been making the connection from Peacock Spring to Baptizing Spring and as a result extending the system by over 3 km.

She feels privileged to have seen the far reaches of some of the most beautiful caves in the world in Australia, the US and the Bahamas. In Australia she became one of only a handful of divers to dive to the back end of Cocklebiddy Cave, the longest cave in Australia and holds the current female penetration record for Oz. Currently based in Melbourne, she continues to be a danger to all virgins… virgin caves that is. Recently she pushed through numerous sumps in order to discover in excess of 1500m of dry cave passage, in what has become the deepest cave in Victoria.

Ag continues to go where no man has gone before, exploring and pushing new cave systems and bringing back images from her adventures. She is an underwater photographer and regularly brings back images from her adventures and exploration. She is pursuing her passion for both photography and video with vigor. Last year she was part of a National Geographic Team on a project to the Blue Holes of the Bahamas and worked as a stunt diver on the 3D James Cameron cave diving feature film 'Sanctum.'

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