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Cave Diving

Underwater caves are some of the most incredible and breath taking places on earth. Whether deep inside of them or simply in the cavern area, they know how to leave a punch. Check out this collection of images from underwater caves in Australia, Florida and the Bahamas.

Dry Caves

Caves can be small, muddy places but they can also be big, awe inspiring and fabulously decorated. These places offer delicate and intricate decoration of every imaginable kind from stalactites and stalagmites, to pillars and shawls. Words are not enough to describe their fascinating shapes and sizes.

Wrecks (19)

Shipwrecks – beautiful, awe inspiring, long forgotten chunks of metal lying on the ocean floor. Irresistible and fascinating not just because of their sheer aesthetic beauty but also because each one has a story. The demise and sinking of many was surrounded with tragedy and a high cost to human life, others were scuttled at the end of their useful working life.

Flora and Fauna

The plants and animals found in oceans are a real treat and a major draw card for most folks when they start blowing bubbles. Some are cute and cuddly, others aggressive and beastly looking. One thing’s for sure – they are nothing if not colorful and terribly photogenic. Check out the creatures, corals and sponges from around Australia’s coastline.

WebEasy Professional
This selection of photos appeared in the image library of the popular website creation software "Web Easy Professional" distributed by one of the biggest software houses in the world, Avanquest Software. It can be found in over a 100 countries, including Australia, where it is distributed by retailers such as Harvey Norman and OfficeWorks.
BIRTH - TRIMÄPEE Fall 2011 Film
Agnes worked as a supervisor for underwater footage at BIRTH 2011 Film for the TRIMÄPEE fashion label, Melbourne. See some beautiful photos from the backstage. (all materials used with permission)
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