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Underwater Work



Birth film for TRIMÄPEE fashion label - underwater supervisor.

Alister Grierson, Sanctum, produced by J.Cameron, A.Wight - underwater stunt double.

AMP - Agnes Milowka Project TV series produced by Karst Productions - presenter, editor.

National Geographic Magazine, Bahamas Caves - photographic assistant, underwater grip

National Geographic Nova TV Special, Blue Holes of the Bahamas - underwater grip

Discovery Channel Japan Water's Journey TV Asahi & Karst Productions - underwater grip.



Maritime Heritage Unit of Heritage Victoria, field work and survey work Port Phillip Bay and Victorian coast.

Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP), field work and survey work St Augustine.

Flinders University Field schools and practicum, Port Albert, Portarlington, Victor Harbor, St Augustine.

The University of Melbourne Zoology Department, research assistant.



Brian Williams, Karson Winslow, Agnes Milowka, Jason Raupp. 2006. Port Albert Archaeological Project: Report of Investigations. Manuscripts on file at Maritime Archaeology Unit, Heritage Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Jason Thomas Raupp, Karson Winslow, Agnes Milowka, Brian Williams. 2007. A View from Above: Archaeological Site Inspections in East Gippsland, Victoria. pp. 46-60, Program in Maritime Archaeology. Shannon Research Press. ISBN 9781920736262.

Agnes Milowka, David Kalinowski, David M. VanZandt. 2007.Pre-disturbance Survey of the Historic Granite Island Causeway and Baths. Manuscripts on file at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

Agnes Milowka, David Kalinowski, David M. VanZandt. 2007.Site Inspection Report Star of Greece. Manuscripts on file at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

Agnes Milowka. 2008. Report on Geophysical Surveying of Middleton Beach, Encounter Bay, South Australia. Manuscripts on file at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

David Kalinowski, David VanZandt, Agnes Milowka. 2008.Report on Geophysical Surveying of Middleton Beach Encounter Bay, South Australia. Appendix. Manuscripts on file at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

Cave Divers Association of Australia, CDAA Newsletter 'Guidelines' (2007-2011), Australia.

National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section Journal - UWS (2009-2011), USA.

Platinum Level Expert Author at Ezine Articles (2010-2011).

Bahamas Caves Project photographs published by National Geographc, August 2010.



Cassandra Philippou. 2006.City of Launceston Trial Public Access Program 2006 Maritime Heritage Unit, Heritage Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.

Richard E. Mounce. 2009. Dead Stuck. Pacific Sky Publishing. ISBN:0-615-33011-8, USA.

Andrew Ainslie. 2009. The Phoenix Passage: Ginnie's Rebirth.

Jason Gulley, Jonathan B. Martin, Elizabeth J. Screaton, Paul J. Moore. 2010. River reversals into karst springs: A new mechanism for cave formation in eogenetic karst aquifers. Department of Geological Sciences, University of Florida, Florida, US.

Brian Kakuk. 2011. A Proposal to protect a large series of blue holes and underwater Caves. South Abaco Blue Holes Conservation Area, Abaco, Bahamas.



Abe Davis Award, The Abe Davis Safe Cave Diving Award presented to Agnes Milowka NSS-CDS Awards.

Exploration Award, presented to James Toland and Agnes Milowka. In greatful recognition of outstanding and dedicated service to the National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section, May 2011.


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