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Discovery: Ag’s Dreamtime Tunnel

Saturday, 19 November 2011 00:00

One of the most exciting discoveries in the underwater caves of Australia in recent years has been named Ag’s Dreamtime Tunnel to honour Agnes Milowka inspiration to explore unknown worlds. The team of the divers explored already approximately 1500m of the new underwater passages. Plans are underway for a return trip to continue exploration and mapping of this new system. The team consisted of Paul Hosie, Alan Polini, Brian Kakuk, Ken Smith, Richard Harris and Grant Pearce, Craig Challen, supporting crew of Christie Allen, Jeff Gibson, Kim Halliday and Mark Brown.
New Cave Diving System Discovered on Roe Plains. Australia, 6-Oct-2011. More details to come soon...

First draft of the map:

Ag's Dreamtime Tunnel