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Ag’s Blue Arrow in Dreamtime Tunnel

Monday, 30 July 2012 00:00

Unnamed Cave is the most recent major discovery in Australian cave diving. Out on the Roe Plains in the West Australian desert, the massive tunnels discovered so far are still going kilometres from the entrance, with teams going out over the coming months to continue exploration. The cave was first dived last October on a trip led by Paul Hosie of CEGWA. Discovered half way through the expedition, the group spent the last few days chucking in as much line as possible before they had to return to civilisation. One of those divers was Brian Kakuk of Bahamas Underground, who worked with Agnes during the National Geographic shoot in the Bahamas in 2010 /.../

Source: Liz Rogers Photography 2012-07-23

Team of international divers continue the Unnamed Caves exploration, lately they placed Ag's blue arrow markers on the line laid by Brian Kakuk (pictured below):

Ag's Dreamtime Blue Arrow