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Cave diving in the modern world.

Author:  Jill Heinerth

Published in 'The Essentials of Cave Diving' Chapter 1

A pock-marked, turquoise van hobbles over the dirt road, throwing up a film of limestone dust, making the pines look like Christmas trees. 27-year old Agnes Milowka is relieved to stop, since the clanging tanks and shifting equipment have been ringing in her ears for what seems an eternity. She heaves the cumbersome side door open to reveal a mountain of gear; tanks on top of scooters, on top of yesterday’s take-out and next week’s laundry. She’s been making this drive every night after work for months, punching the clock, dealing with life’s necessities and then hitting the spring for a solitary swim through cathedrals of rock. Often surfacing well after midnight, she packs up the van and does it all again the following day. She both fascinates and frightens cave diving pioneers like Wes Skiles who discloses, “She reminds me of myself.”  /.../

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