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Cave Diving

Why Ginnie and I are like peas and carrots.

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Agnes Milowka_cave diving ginnie springs

Ginnie (Devils) was low on my list of favorite Floridian caves when I arrived back in the US from Australia. Sure, the size of the tunnels was impressive as was the visibility but somehow it failed to really capture my heart. The flow was a nuisance and it all seemed a bit too much like hard work for relatively little reward… although admittedly spending my dives fighting flow up the gold line probably didn’t help in this regard.

So no one was more surprised than I when I started to spend considerable chunks of my time diving Ginnie. Admittedly at first I had little choice given so many of the other caves where flooded. (I almost got back on the plane after being greeted at the airport with ‘welcome to cave country - all the caves are flooded!’) The fact that Ginnie is conveniently placed on my way home from work (well, almost) is also a big factor in my frequent visits. But what started out as a forced relationship of convenience has now blossomed into a rowdy love affair and Ginnie and I are like peas and carrots.


Heaven is a place on earth.

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Agnes Milowka_cave diving Jackson Blue

I thought writing this article would be dead easy as I’d just re-use the emails I sent from abroad, stitch them together and voila – I’d have a ready-made article. I arrived home and figured that perhaps this might not be the brightest of ideas. My emails sound like I’m on some serious drugs… or perhaps I should be on even stronger medication. So I’ll make an attempt to restrain my enthusiasm just a tad here… but just quickly - the Florida caves are bloody awesome!!!

Florida really is heaven on earth… or rather is about as close to heaven as a cave diver can get without abstaining from drinking and spending their entire life helping little old ladies across the road. It is home to some very pretty caves, with beautiful clear tunnels that allow for wonderfully long penetrations and very long dives. It seems that any old cave in Florida resembles a map of our very own Tank cave, with tunnels that just go and go forever… it is hard not to be impressed.

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