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Field School in Underwater Archaeology.

Author:  Agnes Milowka

Published in 'Project Journal of Museum of Underwater Archaeology'. Flinders University, February 2007

Today has to be put into perspective - the last three days the ‘Green Machine’ has been slogging it out just to reach our survey site. The Star of Greece inconveniently wrecked 1.4km from the closest beach access, which for us meant ‘death marches’ dragging all our gear, including tanks and weights across the sandy beach. All worth the effort of course as it’s a gorgeous little wreck, great fun to survey and with an interesting history to boot. You can tell my muscles are no longer sore and I can look at the bright side of things… at the time the team motto was ‘we will forget the wreck… we won’t forget the walk.’ Given this, the idea of putting up our feet and taking a gentle stroll on the beach holding a magnetometer was most appealing. /.../

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