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UWS 2011 Nr2

Agnes Milowka Memorial

Authors: Richard Harris, Ken Smith

Published in 'Underwater Speleology' Issue April-May 2011 nr:2(38), p.11, by Journal of the Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society, Florida, USA.

She was doing what she loved and did best...laying line in virgin passage and pushing her own limits in a quest to satisfy the burning curiosity to see what was around the next corner. For many people this will be hard to understand. But for true explorers, the feeling of being the first, to be able to lay claim to a small piece of the earth that has never had human eyes upon it is as addictive as any drug. And in this realm, Ag was one of the best /.../

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In Loving Remembrance

Author: Cass Philippou

Published in 'AIME Newsletter' Issue March 2011 nr:1(30), p.4, by Australian Institute for Maritime Archeology, Australia.

The stories she would tell me after a weekend of squeezing through impossibly small cracks in the earth were astounding - I was in awe of her boundless energy and enthusiasm for the sport. I nominated Agnes for an Earthwatch competition to recognise inspirational and adventurous Australian women. Although she didn’t win, I am sure that all of Ag’s friends will agree that she was well deserving /.../

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Undersea Journal cover

Agnes Milowka

Author: Terry Cummins

Published in 'The UNDERSEA JOURNAL' Issue 2011 nr:3, p.34, by PADI Americas, Inc., USA

It is with a heavy heart that the PADI family mourns the passing of Agnes Milowka at the age of 29. A PADI Divemaster since 2004, Milowka travelled extensively as a technical diver, explorer and photographer and nurtured great friendships on expeditions and film projects around the world. /.../

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Interview with cave diver, writer and producer of Sanctum, Andrew Wight.

Author: Bernadette Young

Broadcast on ABC Radio March 1, 2011, Brisbane, Australia.

[Sanctum] was a very genuine portrayal of what people do and say, how they go about their business, and what Agnes portrait, she was one of our expert cave divers, who did a lot of work on the rebreathers, doubled for the actors, also did, along with myself, dive in caves in Mt Gambier, some of these beautiful underwater scenes that are in the movie /.../

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Author: Alan Jackson

Published in 'Speleo Spiel Newsletter' Issue March-April 2011 nr:383, p.3, by Southern Tasmanian Caverneers Inc, Tasmania, Australia.

At every turn Agnes was free to decide how she wished to pursue her dreams and good on her for going at it with such enthusiasm and tenacity. Similarly, everyone who assisted in the body retrieval (from the diving community and emergency services) did so freely. /.../

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