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Sanctum stunt double dies.

Author: Katherine Firkin, Matt Schulz

Published in 'The Flowstone' Newsletter, Vol 18 Issue 3, p.10-11, by National Speleological Society, Alabama, USA

The international diving community is mourning the drowning death of one of its brightest female stars. /.../

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Media coverage of the accident and some echoes around...

Wielki Blekit 2011 Nr2

Agnes Milowka. Passion, Daring Adventure ...

Author: Małgorzata Popienia

Published in 'Wielki Błękit' Issue April-May 2011 nr:2(51), p.42-44, Poland

Cave diving is the greatest love of Agnes Milowka, 29 years old girl from Poland. She started diving in 2002 in the beautiful waters of Ningaloo reef in Australia. Once she went under water she knew, that's it, it is what I want to do in my life. /.../

Open PDF Click here to read the article as featured in 'Wielki Błękit;' magazine [315KB] (Polish).
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Submerge 2011 April

A Passion for cave and technical diving.

Author: Don Shirley

Published in 'Submerge. Let the dive begin.' Issue April-May 2011, p.56. South Africa

This was not the end of exploring virgin territory for Agnes. There is a small hole in the back woods not far from Peacock Srpings. It is named Baptising as this was where baptisms were carried out in early days of the Americas by Spanish. Agnes and James Toland wanted to take a closer look at this spring and decided to go downstream and investigate. /.../

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Talking Tech: Watching the girls dive by.

Author:  Cath Bates

Published in 'Blue Magazine' Issue 7 Oct-Nov 2010, Egypt.

Cath Bates talks to some high profile female technical divers about what inspired them to take the plunge into deeper water.

Find out which moments changed the lives of Verna Van Schaik, Janina ‘Nina’ Preisner, Tooni Mahto and Agnes Milowka on their journeys into the unknown. /.../

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